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Centum research & technology is an innovative company which develops aeronautical mission systems. Belonging to Centum Global Corporation, its strategic intent nowadays is to design and create payloads & sensors for aerospace both manned and unmanned, being able to sense signals, perceive the context, make decisions autonomously, adapt to changes of the environment and communicate and interact with other systems. Centum research & technology aim is to excel in high tech product design and development for its three main markets, emergencies, homeland security and defense. Its strengths ground in its team, its strategic partners, and the way Centum research & technology is able to add knowledge from different people and sources to provide always the best solution possible to the challenge it faces.

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Churchill Navigation, is now offering a full suite of products, from our Augmented Reality mission systems, to HD recorder/encoders, to our cloud based application for the management, replay and search of geo-referenced video.

The ARS overlays streets, addresses, businesses, RADAR targets, vehicle locations and data of interest over real time EO/IR video, allowing the operator to stay focused on the target. The leading edge of mission systems, the ARS offers global elevation and mapping data, quick search, location marking, speed calculation, gimbal slewing and control of external gear.

The ION simultaneously records 2 channels of HD-SDI, 1 SD, metadata and audio. A full-color screen shows what has been recorded. Additional options include: wifi, control of external systems, mapping and weather information and remote sensor control.

EARTHSCAPE, a web-based video library, stores and plays back video with geo-referenced moving map, offers geo-search capability and customized reporting from the video or metadata information.

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The EuroAvionics Group a leading manufacturer of Situational Awareness and Mission Management Systems, designs, produces and markets certified avionic systems that interface with a wide range of third-party avionics and sensors. The second product range are Ground Tools which support the airborne systems. The high-end products are in use world-wide, characterized by their flexibility and their modular concept. With the new subsidiary EuroAvionics Schweiz AG the existing product range now extends on industrial multicopters and autopilots/flight computers for UAVs and OPVs. Most EMS, SAR, Offshore and paramilitary operators trust on the EuroNav systems for years. The products are highly integrated in the avionics suite and offer functions for each application. EuroAvionics customer base includes aircraft OEMs, system integrators and operators from all over the world. With over 20 years of Know-How and certified products EuroAvionics is a proven and reliable partner for your missions.

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